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Contest Rules/FAQ for HPI and GPL Challenge

Contest Format


Students will participate in teams of 1-3 people in either the Novice or Advanced division. In each division, the contest will consist of 10 algorithmic programming problems of varying difficulty to be solved in 2 hours. Example problems and solutions can be downloaded from here.


If you are a single student without a team, you may email to ask to be matched up with other incomplete teams.


Solutions to the problems must be coded in Java, Python or C++.

Input and Output

All input and output are sent to and received from the the following specific consoles:

  • Java / System.out

  • C++ cin / cout

  • Python sys.stdin / sys.stdout


Internet Access and Communications

During the contest, you may not use or view any code that has been written prior to the start of the contest. Only these websites and their subdomains may be referenced:



Top three teams in each division will receive awards and trophies. Top 8 teams in each division will receive certificates.

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